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Soup Name:  Basic Chinese Chicken Soup Stock (Soup Base)

Traditional Chinese Name: 清雞湯 (qīng jī tāng)

Introduction: This is the base Chinese Chicken Soup stock that …

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Papaya and Snow Fungus Chinese Dessert

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Soup Name: Papaya and Snow Fungus Chinese Dessert (or sweet soup)

Traditional Chinese Name: 木瓜雪耳糖水 (mù gua xuě ěr táng shuǐ)

A traditional Chinese sweet soup (or sweet dessert) that is restores and cleans your body from impurities.  It is said to be great for balancing skin tone and is moisturizing for the body.  Extremely easy to make and is already naturally sweet from the Papayas.

What Ingredients are required?

1 whole fresh papaya (medium-sized)
1 tablespoon of apricot kernals
10 dried dates (or dried longans can substitute)
1-2 dried snow fungus
1 tablespoon of rock sugar (or amount according to taste)
3 L of water

How do I prepare it?

  1. Soak snow fungus and dried apricot kernals overnight
  2. Start boiling your soup water
  3. Using scissors (or knife) cut enlarged snow fungus into edible sizes
  4. Wash and remove seeds from papaya.  Cut into edible cubes
  5. When water boils, add all ingredients together
  6. Boil on medium-high heat for at least 30 minutes (or until snow fungus is at desired softness)
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Any benefits?

  • A naturally sweet soup that is ideal for all drinkers
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene
  • Helps with cough symptoms
  • Papaya is a digestive aid
  • Excellent for providing moisture to the body (especially in dry conditions)

Any precautions?

  • Use sugar in moderation
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  • Eudora says:

    Thanks for the recipe! It’s very healthy and easy to make. Papaya and snow fungus dessert is my all-time favourite! I’ll try to make it during the weekend!

  • Will says:

    Hi Soupladies, great site, just started exploring it. I’d like to make a suggestion: for the ingredients list, could you list the amounts in approximate weight by grams? I have no idea how much 1-2 dried fungus is, but if you said 30-40 grams, I would have a better idea. Same for the other ingreds. I know Chinese soups are as much art as science, but approximate amounts in measurable quantities would be very helpful to the beginner. Anyway, keep up the great work, and I look forward to trying out this soup.

  • LadyTong says:

    Will, thanks for your feedback. Now that I think of it, I do have a small scale sitting in my kitchen and your suggestion will definitely take effect on my next creation. It’s definitely a good idea to talk about the weight because I’m neglecting those who aren’t familiar with the ingredients. You’re right though about Art vs Science, sometimes I just grab a “handful” of stuff and throw it in. Thanks for your support and enjoy your creation! Lisa

  • Nice recipe ! Thanks for sharing.

  • smile says:

    are dried date “hot”??? can i make this for my kido?…and leave out the red dates????

  • LadyTong says:

    Hi Smile,
    Dried dates are slightly warm, but not too much. You can definitely make the dessert without red dates, but that’s the traditional recipe. A few won’t hurt and it does add a certain type of taste and sweetness to the dessert. Hope this helps! Lisa

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