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December 24, 2020 – 1:14 pm | One Comment | 4,233 views

Soup Name:  Basic Chinese Chicken Soup Stock (Soup Base)

Traditional Chinese Name: 清雞湯 (qīng jī tāng)

Introduction: This is the base Chinese Chicken Soup stock that …

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Soups for Children

Soups that are designed and suitable for children of all ages.

Spring Soups

Soups designed to remove humidity and cleanse the body of toxins.

Summer Soups

Summer soups that help relieve heatiness, cool the body and provide additional internal moisture for those extra hot days.

Fall Soups

Soups that have have the balance of removing heatiness and are slightly warming. These soups are good transition soups into winter.

Winter Soups

Soups designed to be consumed in the dry and cold winter months where the body needs replenishment of moisture and warmth.

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Glass Noodles or Bean Vermicelli

February 26, 2010 – 10:14 pm | 12,640 views

Ingredient Name:  Glass noodles, Bean vermicelli, Bean threads, cellophane noodles, green bean vermicelli, crystal noodles or other variations
Traditional Chinese Name: 粉絲 …

Chayotes and Corn with Seabed Coconut in Pork Broth

February 25, 2010 – 6:46 pm | 2 Comments | 8,032 views

Soup Name:  Chayotes and Corn with Seabed Coconut in Pork Broth
Traditional Chinese Name: 合掌瓜玉米海底椰豬骨湯 (hup jeung gwa yù mǐ hai …

Chrysanthemum Drink

February 21, 2010 – 2:35 pm | 8,328 views

Soup Name:  Chrysanthemum Drink or Chrysanthemum Tea Drink
Traditional Chinese Name:菊花茶 (jú huā chá) or 菊花水 (jú huā shuǐ)
Chrysanthemum is a …

Chrysanthemum (Dried)

February 16, 2010 – 3:43 pm | 9,908 views

Ingredient Name:  Chrysanthemums, Mums, Chrysanths
Traditional Chinese Name: 菊花 (jú huā)
What is this?

A perennial flower plant that has many variations (different colours …

Apple and Corn in Chicken Soup

February 7, 2010 – 3:52 pm | 32 Comments | 68,989 views

Soup Name:  Apple and Corn in Chicken Soup
Traditional Chinese Name:蘋果玉米雞湯 (píng guǒ yù mǐ jī tāng)
This is a family favourite.  With …

Water Chestnuts and Pork Spring Soup

February 5, 2010 – 3:33 pm | 5 Comments | 13,617 views

Soup Name:  Water Chestnuts and Pork Spring Soup
Traditional Chinese Name: 馬蹄豬湯 (matí zhū tāng)
With Spring just around the corner, this simple and …

Ching Bo Leung

January 31, 2010 – 8:43 pm | 7 Comments | 26,715 views

Soup Name:  Ching Bo Leung
Traditional Chinese Name: 清補涼 (qīng bǔ liáng)
This traditional power house Chinese soup is unique in that …

Fuzzy Melon

January 31, 2010 – 3:38 pm | 23,086 views

Ingredient Name:  Fuzzy melon, hairy melon, fuzzy squash
Traditional Chinese Name: 节瓜 (jié guā) or 毛瓜(máo guā)
What is this?

A variety of winter melon that is …

Dried Beancurd and Ginkgo Nuts Dessert

January 27, 2010 – 6:51 pm | 3 Comments | 10,255 views

Soup Name:  Dried Beancurd and Ginkgo Nuts Dessert
Traditional Chinese Name: 白果腐竹糖水 (bái guǒ fǔ zhú táng shuǐ)
This is a great hot “sweet”, …