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July 11, 2018 – 7:41 pm | 12,781 views

I was inspired to make this soup one day when I walked by the wet mart and saw the vendor …

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Soups for Children

Soups that are designed and suitable for children of all ages.

Spring Soups

Soups designed to remove humidity and cleanse the body of toxins.

Summer Soups

Summer soups that help relieve heatiness, cool the body and provide additional internal moisture for those extra hot days.

Fall Soups

Soups that have have the balance of removing heatiness and are slightly warming. These soups are good transition soups into winter.

Winter Soups

Soups designed to be consumed in the dry and cold winter months where the body needs replenishment of moisture and warmth.

Autumn Drink with Dragon’s Tongue Leaf and Luo Han Guo

November 24, 2010 – 7:54 pm | 6,435 views

Soup Name: Autumn Drink with Dragon’s Tongue Leaf and Luo Han Guo
A natural drink that is usually prepared during the …

Wampee or Clausena Lansium

November 22, 2010 – 8:48 pm | 6,027 views

Ingredient Name: Wampee or Clausena Lansium (Fresh)
Traditional Chinese Name: 石黄皮 (shí huáng pí)

What is this?

The small, oval-shaped fruit of a …

Olives (Fresh)

November 12, 2010 – 8:56 pm | 5,220 views

Ingredient Name: Olives (Fresh)
Traditional Chinese Name: 橄欖 (Gǎnlǎn)
One of the more expensive breeds of ginseng available on the market, …

Dried Lily Flower

November 8, 2010 – 11:13 am | 4 Comments | 15,059 views

Ingredient Name: Dried lily flower
Traditional Chinese Name:  金針花 (jin zhen hua)
What is this?

This is literally the dried petals of lily flowers
When …

Corn, Pumpkin and Carrots in Fish Broth

November 7, 2010 – 2:26 pm | 9,130 views

Soup Name: Corn, Pumpkin and Carrots in Fish Broth
Traditional Chinese Name: 玉米南瓜紅蘿蔔湯 (yù mǐ nán guā hóng luóbo tāng)
A natural …

Wood Ear

November 4, 2010 – 10:21 am | 16,805 views

Ingredient Name:  Wood ear, cloud ear, tree ear, black fungus
Chinese Name: 木耳 (mu er)
What is this?

An edible fungus used in Chinese and …

My Confinement Story

November 2, 2010 – 12:17 pm | 15 Comments | 42,005 views

You may have noticed that over the past few months we have been posting many pregnancy and confinement soup recipes …

Korean Ginseng

October 27, 2010 – 8:43 pm | 2 Comments | 8,566 views

Ingredient Name: Ginseng, Korean ginseng, panax ginseng
Traditional Chinese Name: 高麗參 (gāo lì cān)
One of the more expensive breeds of ginseng …

Pig’s Feet

October 24, 2010 – 8:21 pm | 9,568 views

Ingredient Name: Pig’s Feet, Pig Trotter
Traditional Chinese Name: 猪脚 (zhū jiǎo)
The Chinese use ALL parts of the pig and the …