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July 11, 2018 – 7:41 pm | 12,781 views

I was inspired to make this soup one day when I walked by the wet mart and saw the vendor …

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Soups for Children

Soups that are designed and suitable for children of all ages.

Spring Soups

Soups designed to remove humidity and cleanse the body of toxins.

Summer Soups

Summer soups that help relieve heatiness, cool the body and provide additional internal moisture for those extra hot days.

Fall Soups

Soups that have have the balance of removing heatiness and are slightly warming. These soups are good transition soups into winter.

Winter Soups

Soups designed to be consumed in the dry and cold winter months where the body needs replenishment of moisture and warmth.

Wood Ear & Red Dates Tea

October 16, 2012 – 8:09 pm | 3 Comments | 16,826 views

Soup Name: Wood Ear & Red Dates Tea

Traditional Chinese Name:  木耳红枣茶 (mu er hóng zǎo chá)
This tea is posted as a …

Chinese Confinement #7: The Beginning

October 15, 2012 – 12:50 pm | 6 Comments | 24,399 views

It’s a girl! 
My parents were graced with grand child #7 two days ago and this story is the journey of …

Chinese Soups for Fall!

September 18, 2012 – 9:04 pm | 2 Comments | 12,607 views


They say that it’s dry in the fall. It’s only a prelude to how really dry it will can get …

Wintermelon with Lotus Leaf and Corn in Pork Broth

August 5, 2012 – 4:41 pm | 15,228 views

Soup Name: Wintermelon with Lotus Leaf and Corn in Pork Broth

Traditional Chinese Name:  冬瓜湯 (dōng guā tāng)
There is one …

Fresh Lotus Leaf

August 5, 2012 – 4:07 pm | 2 Comments | 6,830 views

Ingredient Name: Fresh Lotus Leaf
Traditional Chinese Name: 荷葉 (héyè)
What is this?

The leaf of the lotus plant, a perennial aquatic plant …

GUEST SOUP: Pumpkin Corn Pork Shin Fig Soup

June 11, 2012 – 10:26 pm | One Comment | 13,416 views

Guest Poster: Debbie!
Soup Name: Pumpkin Corn Pork Shin Fig Soup
This is a guest soup submission from our good friend …

Abalone in Chicken Soup

June 10, 2012 – 9:07 pm | 2 Comments | 53,614 views

Soup Name: Abalone in Chicken Soup
Traditional Chinese Name: 鮑魚清雞湯 (bào yú qīng jī tāng)

This soup is a powered up version of …

Lotus Root with Dried Octopus in Chicken Soup

May 31, 2012 – 8:24 pm | 15,743 views

Soup Name: Lotus Root with Dried Octopus in Chicken Soup
Traditional Chinese Name: 章魚幹蓮藕雞湯 (zhāng yú gàn liánǒu jī tāng)

This is …

Pork Ribs

May 11, 2012 – 9:22 pm | One Comment | 8,621 views

Ingredient Name:  Pork Ribs (Fresh)
Traditional Chinese Name:  豬肋骨(zhū lèi gǔ)
What is this?

Pork ribs is the part of the pork where the …